How can I add content to Arca?
You have three ways of adding pieces of content:

1. You can add by copying or typing a link to "Add Link".

2. If you want to add multiple pieces at the same time and get automated suggestions for collections, you can "Open Library" and bring content from your connected accounts.

3. You can add straight from other platforms by tapping "Share", opening a share sheet and tapping on the Arca app.
How do I curate straight from other platforms?
A share sheet makes it easy for you to curate to Arca while browsing online.

Tap on "Share" on the platform you are on, and a sheet with options to share opens. You can add Arca to be one of the first options to share to by swiping to the end of the suggested apps and tapping on "More".

Select the Arca app, and select a collection to curate that piece.
What media types does Arca support?
We support every media type. You can view photos, listen to audio, read articles, and watch videos in one place without leaving the platform.


How do I connect my channels?
You can add content from the plus button on Arca by first connecting your channels. Please permit each channel to be connected, and your existing content will be added to your library.

Arca automatically organizes your content across platforms into suggested collections which you can edit. Tap on the pieces to shift them between collections. Another option is to manually curate from your library.
Which channels can I connect to?
You can connect your Instagram, Pinterest, Podcast, website and blogs, such as Substack and Medium. You can connect multiple channels from one platform, such as two Instagram accounts. Arca will find public content from these channels.

We are working on adding more channels to the list, such as Instagram saved posts, Goodreads and YouTube.
If I pin on Pinterest, for example, does it automatically appear in my library?
Yes – new pieces from your connected channels will be automatically found by Arca and updated into your library. Arca suggests you in which already existing or new collections these pieces could be curated in, or you can curate them manually to your profile. The library is only visible for you.
Why did I have to connect my channels again?
For the new pieces from your channels to keep updating into your library, we need you to re-approve connections to your channels every 3-4 months.


Can I create a private collection?
Yes. When creating a collection, you can switch on the "Make Private" toggle and your collection will be hidden from anyone else from your profile.

If you want to make an already existing collection private, you have the same setting on the collection editing page. Just long press on a collection to go "Edit Collection".


How can I give feedback?
We love to get feedback since we are creating this platform for you.

You can chat with us in the platform directly from your profile menu and "Give Feedback." You can also email us to care@arca.so.

We look forward to hearing from you!
What is the Arca community channel?
We strongly believe in a community built by people who believe that curation is the next wave of consuming and being aware of what is going on in the world. Therefore, we have a community channel where you can share your thoughts, feedback on the product, and wishes for the future and find like-minded people. One of our most vital values is our commitment to building a more intentional digital environment that you love incorporating into your daily habits. Therefore, all feedback is very welcome.

A link to our community channel will be sent to you after you have created your Arca.
How can I edit my profile?
You can edit your profile by tapping on the menu on the right corner of your profile and entering "Edit Profile". There you can also edit your collections by tapping on them.
How can I delete my account?
You can delete your account by tapping on the menu on the right corner of your profile and entering "Settings". When you delete your account, all your data will be deleted.